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Best Looking Exterior Design:

1. sedan: Lexus ES300; runner up: Dodge Intrepid 
2. roadster: Porsche Boxster; runner up: Mercedes Benz SLK230
3. coupe: Jaguar XK8; runner up: Lexus SC400
4. sports car: Italdesign Cala; runner up: Ferrari F355 F1

Ugliest Looking Exterior Design:

1. sedan: Mercedes Benz E-Class; runner up: Saab (any sedan model 
   in particular)
2. roadster: Pontiac Firebird Conv.; runner up: Saab S/SE conv.
3. coupe: Volkswagen Beetle; runner up: Suzuki Swift
4. sports car: Saturn SC1/SC2; runner up: Pontiac Firebird



1. worst car manufacturer: Hyundai
2. best car manufacturer: Lexus 
3. coolest overall car: Acura NSX-T
4. most unusual: Volkswagen Beetle
5. most wanted outside U.S.: Nissan Skyline GTR
6. coolest car of the future: Second Generation Acura NSX (my prediction)

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