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NSX    Section

Okay, so I guess you probably already know that I am a true die-hard Acura NSX fanatic judging by the fact that it made #1 on my list for the coolest overall sports car of the '90's. I just love it's sleek design, awesome handling, obsessive build quality, performance, and above all, the fact that it can last longer than any other exotic (just imagine the feeling of driving a Ferrari-like car everyday without having to worry about the high cost in maintaining it!). And since I am (as many of you already know) an NSX fanatic, I've decided to dedicate this whole entire section to it.

The Second Generation NSX

I've already heard the rumors on the second generation NSX, and I know that
it has been confirmed that it will come out. Here's some information on it 
that I have gathered from recent magazine articles...

- The Second Generation NSX may probably reach our shores by the year 2000 
  or beyond. 

- The first time that I heard that a new NSX will come out, it was said that
  it may carry a V-8 engine. However, on the second time that I heard about 
  this news, it was said that a V-10 is more probable. But now (NSX fanatics, 
  rejoice), I've heard that IT WILL carry a V-12 (a 5.5L-6.0L V-12, that is) 
  engine, and should produce an output of AT LEAST 400hp.

- It is plausible that the new NSX may recieve F1-style paddle shifters. 

- Details are still pretty sketchy concerning the new NSX's design, but it
  has been rumored that it will have a shorter wheel base, will retain the 
  current NSX's rear wing spoiler, and will have a more evolutionary design.

If you know any other information on the new NSX, please e-mail me, and I
will update this section.     

10 Good Reasons to Buy an NSX

1. Obviously the NSX has drop-dead good looks.
2. Without a doubt, it's an awesome performance car.
2. It can last longer than a Ferrari (or any other exotic in that matter).
3. The build quality is definately first rate.
4. It has a longer wheel base than both a Ferrari F355 F1 and Porsche 911, which
   accounts for better stability.
5. Renowned Honda reliabilty.
6. The NSX is usually compared to other cars that are much more powerful than it. 
7. Has good ergonomics and a tastefull-looking interior.
8. At $85,000+, the NSX is indeed very costly, yet it's thousands of dollars 
   cheaper than one its main rivals, the Ferrari F355 (starts at over $125,000).
9. It's as easy to drive as a Honda Civic in stop and go traffic.
10.Breath-taking refinement.

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