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The Coolest Sports Cars:

1. Acura NSX-T. This one's definately on my list for #1. Why? Because the first thing you notice about it is it's design. Even though it's getting dated, it still evokes passion and is very discernable from all the other cars. And speaking of design, some have even mistaken it for a Ferrari! The interior also deserves kudos since everything's so well in place. The engine sports a V-6. And even though it "only" has 6 cylinders, it's still good enough to compete against more powerful cars (i.e.Corvette C5ís, Ferrari F355's, and Porsche 911's). To top it off, it's like an exotic, except you don't have to pay as nearly as much for the repairing since the car is so well built. And so basically, you could drive this car for everyday use. Quotes: - "Years after its summer 1990 introduction, Acura's all-aluminum two seater is still a wonder, a car whose evolution keeps plausible its claim to the world's best sports car." -Motor Trend, May 1997 - "Seven years after this car's introduction, the level of performance from its enlarged-for-'97 3.2-liter V-6 remains nothing short of amazing." -Motor Trend, May 1997 - "...a car that does everything right, while exacting no penalties in comfort or throwing idiosyncratic pitfalls in your path." -Road & Track, July 1998
2. Nissan Skyline GT-R. Iíve obviously never driven/test drove this car before since it's only available in Japan, but Iíve read alot of info on it. And from what Iíve heard, it's one heck of a car. Sure, it's got a nice looking design, but there's more to the car than just the design. This is without a doubt one of the best Japanese cars ever made, let alone one of the best cars ever built in the world period. It's base 280hp engine is likely to rocket you from 0-60 mph in a mere 5 sec. With a reputation for making boring cars, Nissan's Skyline has helped to overcome this stereotype that's so typical of most other Japanese autos. In short, the Skyline's definately got a personality all its own.
3. Ferrari F355 F1. This oneís recieved alot of rave reviews. And thereís no denying that since the car is really fun to drive. It has an awsome 3.5 litre 40 valve V-8, unleashing over 100hp per litre, and about 1.75hp per cubic inch. Only a handful of normally aspirated sports cars have reached that mark. And whatís more is that one of itís cool features is itís F1 style paddle shifters, which are used so that you could drive automatically. Some say that at over $130k, itís worth the price of admission. And come to think of it, that probably holds true. Quotes: - "Every car enthusiast should own a Ferrari sometime. So, for me, this would be the time and the F355 in this test would be the car. I love the F1 paddle shifters almost as much as I love the melodious sound of the Ferrari V-8 engine at 5000 rpm. The Ferrari is beautiful, it's comfortable, and I can challenge sinuous country roads with as much daring and skill as I possess. It's an enormous amount of money, but it's the one." -Thos L. Bryant (Road & Track, July 1998)
4. Mazda RX-7 R2. For some strange reason, which is yet to be explained, I hardly see this car anymore. But hey, good cars are hard to find, right? Well, the same thing could apply to the RX-7 as well. If youíve read reviews on it, or if you by any chance are one of the lucky few who own one, you would know very well that itís one heck of a performance car. It gots a cool wankel rotary engine thatís one of a kind, and can produce 255hp from itís 1.3L. And whatís more is that like the Skyline, it too had soul...But itís to bad no more are available in the U.S. Quotes: - "The RX-7 has steering as precise as any I've ever found. The car centers beautifully on the interstate and will track straight and true for hours. Cross winds don't phase it." -Robert Bowden (The Car Place) 5. BMW M3. It looks plain, but itís design definatley does not do this car any justice. In fact, this is one of the best performance cars availabe in the U.S. How do I know? Well for one thing, I read an article about it from an issue of ďCar and Driver,Ē and it was ranked #1 out of alot of other sports cars, which included a Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, Ferrari F355, Toyota Supra Turbo, Acura NSX, and several others! Another reason why itís so good is because itís got good body control, sharp steering, and of course, itís fun to drive. _____________________________________________________________________________ The World's Coolest Sedans:
1. Lexus GS400. I personally think that this is without a doubt the ultimate in luxury sport sedans (hence the fact that it's #1 on my list). But what's strange is that some say that it's even more fun to drive than the Godly BMW 540i. And the irony is is that Lexus's aren't known to be fun to drive, but rather boring since they "tend to separate the driver from the driving experience." But obviously the same cannot apply to the GS400. With 300 smooth horsepower under the hood, this sedan will move you like no other Lexus. Awards: - 1998 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year Quotes: - "Damn, this thing's fast. It's one of the most eager V-8 sedans I've ever driven." -Automobile Magazine, July 1998 - "How 'bout that engine? It's like butter, baby." -Automobile Magazine, July 1998 - "Neither Japanese bland, nor Teutonic massive, it feels Italian--light, quick, and fun. It does everything so effortlessly and with such overt glee. The GS400 should be everyone's first choice for a cross-country blitz." -Larry Crane (Automobile Magazine, July 1998) 2. BMW 750il. In several magazines, this one's made #1 for "the best large luxury sedan." And that's something that cannot be argued about since the 750il offers alot in terms of standard equipment and interior space galore. But what's best of all is that just like all other BMW's, this one is likewise fun to drive (despite weighing in at more than 4,000lbs!). Awards: - Automobile Magazine All-Star (1998)
3. Lexus LS400. Albeit that you've probably heard that the LS400 lacks the sheer enjoyment that other cars (especially the sportier ones) have. But the main reason why it qualified to be on my list is that it's one of the world's most refined sedans, and certainly one of the world's most quietest. Once inside, you'll feel like not wanting to get out. That's because the LS400 offers a whole lot of standard equipment--everything from leather to a 7-speaker stereo system. A navigation system is optional. At well over $50,000, many may think that it's too over priced, but keep in mind that the LS400 may probably be the finest of all sedans, which would be more than enough to compensate for the high cost. 4. Jaguar XJR. Just by looking at it, you'd probably think that this is the type of car that gramps or granny would drive, but the XJR is proof that you cannot judge a book by it's cover. Just ignore the dated design and take it for a test drive. Push lightly on the accelerator and you'll find yourself going from 0-60 mph in a flash (or should I say approximately 5.6 sec.) thanks to it's 370hp engine. The main downfall to owning this car is that it offers only little in terms of interior space. But knowing how fast and powerful the XJR is, keep in mind that this is not your ordinary "older folks'" sedan. Quotes: - "...an XJ6 on steroids." -Road & Track ('97 Buyer's Guide) 5. Mercedes Benz E420. When the E420 first came out, I thought to myself, "geez, what an ugly looking car that is." It may look ugly to me, but obviously not to the majority of people out there (over the past year, I've seen dozens of these cars). But ugly (or good) looks aside, this car has gotten some good reviews from "Road & Track," "Motor Trend," etc. Just like all other Mercedes Benz sedans, the E420 is well constructed and is built to "hug the road." And despite having a rather strange looking design, at least it doesn't look like any other Mercedes Benz out there, which is a relief. * I know that many of you would gripe that I didn't include the BMW M3 sedan in this list, but I felt like it was nothing more than just an M3 coupe, except with 4 doors.

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